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Welcome to Magic WoW Best WoW Private Server WotLK 3.3.5a

Server Information :
» Patch: 3.3.5a 12340 WotLK
» Drop rate: x3
» Gold rate: x3
» Professions rate: x3
» Experience rate: x5
» Arena points: x1
» Honor points: x2

General Core Info :

Trinity Core + Custom edits - Developed by Magic team
- Stability: Can hold up to 10k players on 1 realm without lags
- Quality: All end-game raids (ICC, RS, ToC, OS, Naxx etc...)

WotLK Info :

Dungeons: all WotLK dungeons are available and scripted.
Raids: all the instances are available. Encounter work completly blizzlike, includng intros, events, phrases and so on. - Naxx, OS, Ulduar, ToC: fully working.
- ICC, RS: scripted, currently has a few bugs which will be fixed in next updates.
RDF implemented and works fine.

Misc Stuff :

- Pathfinding
- LoS: supports GOs fully blizzlike
- World events: all of them are scripted and work well
- Minerals and herbs: we use blizzlike method with slightly increased amount.
- Mail is received after 15 minutes instead of 1 hour
- 2 Death knights may be created on same realm

more 19/11/2020

Magic WoW is back

Born by inspiration and forged by experience and a dedicated team of professionals, Magic WoW invites gaming communities to experience Wrath of the Lich King, adventures once again. Most complete, stable, optimized and secure experience.

4th June 2020

Dungeons & Raids
Heroic Old Kingdom: Prince Taldram reduced damage
Nexus elemental boss fixed icicle spikes
Halls of Stone: Stone boss shatter spell fixed
Keristraza last ad gourp fixed
Keristraza Increased nova cooldown
The Nexus: Added blizzlike pathing for the whole instance
hadronox boss improved
Halls of Lightning: Ionor disperse storm balls now move slower and spawn in random locations

Fixed Quests :
Magic Carpet Ride
Colonel Kurzen
Cold Hearted
Scourge Tactics
The Last Line Of Defense
The Battle For Crusaders' Pinnacle
The Stones That Bind Us
Watts My Target
The Drakkensryd

Misc :
Rabies (Disease) can now be dispelled by Cure Disease
Wild Hunt pet talent now works as intended
Monsters in Silithus can now be skinned for Rugged leather, thick leather, thick hide and rugged hide
Skinning higher level monsters will now give higher tier leather
Skinning monsters will now give you 1-3 leather pieces
More skinning loot improvements
Marshal Invalius invisible bug fixed
Roar Of Sacrifice will now stop crits
Level up boost has been enabled
Skill level up increased by x5
Double EXP ends 6th June

02 June 2020

Dungeons & Raids
The Obsidian Sanctum raid - fixed drop loots
Icecrown Citadel raid - Professor Putricide oozes fixed
Tempest Keep Raid correct loot
Serpenshrine Cavern Dungeon correct loot & reputation
Azjol Nerub Dungeon fixed loot
Dire Maul Dungeon correct loot
Scarlet Monastery dungeon fixed rare loot drop
Mana-Tombs dungeon fixed few objects
The Black Morass dungeon fixed infinite spawn

Fixed Quests :
Tailoring - Fixed quest for Become Spellfire Tailor
Bandages for the Field
Attack on the Tower
The Green Hills of Stranglethorn
Gaining the Advantage
Root Samples

Misc :
Darkmoon Faire Event - Faire Cannon Trigger spawns when event is active
Fixed Darkmoon Cards all numbers Molten Core, Blackrock Spire, Blackrock Depths, Blackrock Mountain and Burning Steppes adjusted fishing levels
Removed loot from npcs with wrong loot
Improved Line of Sight
Hatecrest Screamer, Caged Dwarf Male NPC correct loot
Fixed weapon and armor crates
Motes of Shadow drop correction
NPC should not fall below objects
Fixed Fel Firestone
Fixed loot with herbs and ores low amount drop
Fixed problem with Invisibility and Stealth Detection

29 May 2020

Dungeons & Raids
The Obsidian Sanctum now available
Icecrown Citadel - fixed bug with Sister Svalna
Naxxramas - Noth the Plaguebringer fixed immune bug
Naxxramas - boss Heigan the Unclean fixed event spell
Onyxia - Tail Sweep proper damage
The Nexus - boss Keristrasza fixed Crystallize spell
Hellfire Ramparts - Fixed boss Vazruden the Herald phases
Blackwing Lair - proper phase encounter for boss Razorgore the Untamed
Black Temple - Reliquary of Souls fixed

Fixed Quests :
Light of Dawn
Static Shock Troops: the Bombardment
Raising Hodir's Spear
Of Thistleheads and Eggs...

Spells :
Fixed Mage Tier 10 Set bonus Set Bonus
Ice Block - fixed casting while in Cyclone
Divine Shield - fixed casting while in Cyclone

Misc :
When character is level 80 now gets extra gold from quests
Monsters pulling other monsters group reduced distance
Monsters fixed distance running from player
Fixed bug with mobs with knockback
Improved logging system for future bug tracking
Sons of Hodir added few mob spawns
Fixed Shallow Graves in Zul Farrak
Pets - Lil' XT, Celestial Dragon, Toxic Wasteling, Lil' K.T fixed animation movement
Fixed bug with vehicles displaying combat interface before entering the vehicles
Fixed bug with spells and scroll stacking
Possible fix for loot from cross faction drop loot bug (needs test)
Double EXP Weekend


Trial of the Crusader:
- Mistress of Pain & fixed issue with Snobold Vassal correct script

- Auriaya encounter corrections
- Fixed Feral Defender Damage
- Fixed Evade problem

- Upper Back Pain
- Three Sixty Pain Spike

- Vereth the Cunning quest chain
- Investigate the Blue Recluse
- Investigate the Alchemist Shop
- Kickin' Nass and Takin' Manes
- The Exorcism of Colonel Jules

- Lok'lira's Bargain

Val'kyr Protector, Val'kyr Guardian, Servant of the Throne, Ancient Skeletal Soldier: Added correct movement & drops